Saturday, January 5, 2013

Paine Field January 5

747-8F on the flightline.

747-8i N6067U.

WD889 Qatar Airways A7-BAW was ferried to Portland this morning for painting. Photo by Russell Hill.

VR285 UPS 767 N354UP back from a test flight.

Boeing flightline. RC524 the Nippon Cargo Airlines 747-8F is scheduled for a B1 flight on Monday, January 7.


  1. Is N6067U the one that LH canceled and Boeing would like to keep for a while for further performance tests?

  2. why did lufthansa cancel the plane? Overweight?

  3. Yes, overweight is a legit reason. Another reason is Boeing really needs to keep it for a while for the planned tests of performance improvements. So it's a compromise.

    LH claim they are committed to 747-8, so they may still order more new built(s) in the future.

    As to N6067U, it'll likely be sold to a different (say, BBJ) customer.


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