Friday, March 31, 2023

Paine Field March 31

Lufthansa 787-9 D-ABPB delivery flight to Frankfurt.
WH001 777-9 N779XW departed Boeing Field for Honeywell low range radio altimeter testing.
WH003 777-9 N779XY departed Boeing Field for APU in-flight start testing.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Paine Field March 30

Gulf Air 787-9 A9C-FJ C-2 customer flight. Delivery flight scheduled for March 31, along with Lufthansa 787 D-ABPB, China Cargo 777Fs B-222Z and B-223A, and China Southern 777F B-223G.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Paine Field March 28

WF345 China Cargo 777F B-223A customer flight.
WH008 777-9 line 1615 move to the paint hangar for its fourth temporary protective coating.
ZB280 Qantas 787-9 VH-ZNL back on the flightline after being repainted.
767 Production Lines 1300-1336.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Paine Field March 27

ZE273 Gulf Air 787-9 A9C-FJ back from a customer flight. Delivery flight scheduled for March 31.
JASDF KC-46A 34-3613.
USAF KC-46A line 1286.
ZA863 Scoot 787-8 line 1015 is now in stall 101 to start EME rework.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Paine Field March 24

United Airlines 787-10 N13014 delivery flight to Houston.
FedEx 767 N283FE delivery flight to Indianapolis.
FedEx 767 N282FE was scheduled for a B-1 flight, taxi checks only today.
China Cargo 777F B-222Z customer flight.
WF357 China Southern Cargo 777F line 1741 was moved out of the factory March 13.
777 production for the remainder of 2023.


Thursday, March 23, 2023

Paine Field March 23

JASDF KC-46A 34-3614 at the Everett Modification Center.
FedEx 767 N283FE customer flight.
Lufthansa 787-9 D-ABPB customer flight.
China Southern Cargo 777F B-223G customer flight.
ZD025 American Airlines 787-8 line 1111 is on the flightline for EME in-tank inspections, goes to the paint hangar April 3 for repaint.
ZD026 American Airlines 787-8 line 1115 goes to the factory tonight for NOE rework.  
The FAA issued an airworthiness directive today requiring inspection of anti-ice exhaust ducts on the 737 Max after discovery of a small number of improperly tightened fasteners.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Paine Field March 20

KLM 787-10 PH-BKI was ferried from Charleston March 19, move to the 45-03 today for repaint.
ANA 787-9 JA934A was ferried from Victorville March 19, goes to the factory March 23 for NOE rework.
KC-46A line 1286.
China Southern Cargo 777F B-223G B-2 flight.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Paine Field March 16

WF344 China Cargo 777F B-222Z B-2 flight.
The first two 737 fuselages arrived at Everett this morning. The 737 MAX North Line will be operational in 2024 and will be located in the 40-26 and 40-36 buildings. Fuselages will be delivered to the factory from the north side. Two buildings north of the 40-36, the 40-81 and 40-82, are being demolished at this time.
 WH001 777-9 N779XW conducted takeoff performance testing at Victorville today.

WH002 777-9 N779XX was ferried from BFI to KOA on March 15 for engine oil cooling verification testing.

WH003 777-9 N779XY conducted flap cavity pressure relief testing at Victorville today.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Paine Field March 15

Lufthansa 787-9 D-ABPE departed on a delivery flight to Frankfurt this afternoon.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Monday, March 13, 2023

Paine Field March 13

WH010 777-9 line 1624 move to the paint hangar for its fourth temporary protective coating.
China Cargo 777F B-223A was weighed in the paint hangar this morning.
ZE417 Vistara 787-9 VT-TSH was ferried from Victorville last week, goes to the factory for NOE rework March 22.
VT-TSH B-1 flight December 3, 2020.
VT737 Air Tanzania Cargo 767 5H-TCO move from the fuel dock to the flightline. B-1 flight scheduled for March 16.
ZB280 Qantas 787-9 line 1019 was moved to the 45-01 yesterday for a repaint.

Friday, March 10, 2023

Paine Field March 10

VH010 KC-46A 15-46010 ferry flight to KSBD for painting.
WH002 777-9 N779XX departed Boeing Field on a WSRD flight. There was an FAA-EASA tour of WH002 at Boeing Field March 9.
ZE488 Air Premia 787-9 HL8389 on the way to the Everett Modification Center for paint touch up now that NOE rework is complete.
VH090 KC-46A line 1299 move from the 45-01 paint hangar to the EMC.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Paine Field March 8

Air Tanzania Cargo 767 5H-TCO was moved out of the paint hangar last night.
China Postal Airlines 777F B-221X departed on a delivery flight this afternoon.
WH003 777-9 N779XY departed to Victorville for fuel jettison testing.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Paine Field March 7

Two of the four KC-46As undergoing center wing tank rework. In mid-January it was found that the tank primer was not applied properly, it now has to be removed and reapplied to the tank interior, fasteners and z chords along with replacement of fillet seals, cap seals, etc. After completion of work the CWT will be closed, washed and tested for leaks. Five of the airplanes at Everett will be ready for flight by mid-April, two tankers will be delayed until June. 

The airplanes undergoing the rework in Everett are: VH075 KC-46A line 1271, VH080 KC-46A line 1273, VH081 KC-46A line 1275, VH082 line 1277, VT679 FedEx 767 line 1294, VT680 FedEx 767 line 1296, VR306 UPS 767 line 1298.

Lines 1299 and above do not have the NoE center wing tank.