Monday, September 30, 2019

Paine Field September 30

Qatar Airways 787-9 A7-BHA departing on a test flight.

KC-46A 18-46049 at the compass rose.

DHL 777F D-AALM was ready to depart on a delivery flight to Leipzig when engines were shut down and it was towed back to the flightline to resolve a maintenance issue. Departed a couple of hours later.

ZE171 787-9 line 911 scheduled for a B205 EEC software demo flight on October 1.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Paine Field September 27

Smartwings 737 Max OK-SWJ repositioned to the fuel dock.

LCF N747BC arrived from Nagoya with 787 wings.

KC-46A 16-46016 departing on a test flight.

FedEx 767 N179FE delivery flight to Indianapolis.

Qantas 787-9 VH-ZNI on the flightline.

ZE171 HNA 787-9 line 911 departed on a certification flight of the EEC software.
Audio here.

777-9 WH001 scheduled for primary flight control system testing on September 28.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Paine Field September 26

HNA 787-9 line 911 N1006K departing on an engineering flight.

WH006 777-9 line 1605 move out of the paint hangar to stall 215 on the flightline.

Qantas 787-9 VH-ZNI initial APU run at the fuel dock.

Aeromexico 787-9 line 923 on the flightline.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Paine Field September 25

ZE170 HNA 787-9 line 891 ferry flight to Charleston.

ZE171 HNA 787-9 line 911 departing on an engineering flight for
electronic engine controller testing.

KC-46A 18-46048 at the compass rose.

KC-46A 16-46016 back from a test flight.

KC-46A 18-46040 departed Boeing Field on a flight acceptance test September 24.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Paine Field September 24

Air Tanzania 787-8 line 925.

Gulf Air 787-9 A9C-FG customer flight.

Turkish Cargo 777F TC-LJR departing on a test flight.

Air New Zealand 787-9 line 919 N1020K B1 flight.

Hainan Airlines 787-9 line 913 N1008S ferry flight to KFTW, line 887 is on the flightline

UPS 747-8F line 1556.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Paine Field September 23

A GE9X engine was loaded on An-124 RA-82081 then flown to KLCK.

DHL777F D-AALM B1 flight.

ZB806 Hainan Airlines 787-9 line 887 move from the Everett Modification Center paint hangar to the flightline.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Paine Field September 21

Boeing flightline September 20.

KC-46A 18-46050 at the Everett Modification Center.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Paine Field September 20

On the 40-51 apron: UPS 767 line 1194, KC-46A 18-46052.

Qatar Airways 787-9 line 917 N10187 was scheduled for a B1 flight today, there was a taxi test only.

FedEx 777F N866FD delivery flight to Memphis.

LCF N780BA arrived from Nagoya with 787 wings.

ZE170 HNA 787-9 line 891 will be ferried to
Charleston on September 23.

Employees evacuated 777-9 N779XY this evening while firefighters investigated a reported natural gas smell. Nothing was found and everyone went back to work.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Paine Field September 18

Qatar Cargo 777F A7-BFS move from the fuel dock to the flightline.

Qatar Cargo 777F A7-BFR at the Delivery Center, A7-BFS and Qatar Airways 787-9 line 917 N10187.

FedEx 767 N179FE B1 flight.

KC-46A 16-46020/N5514V move from Runway 11/29 to the flightline.

El Al Airlines 787-9 4X-EDM delivery flight to Tel Aviv.

ZE171 HNA 787-9 line 911 N1006K test flight.