Friday, December 21, 2018

Paine Field December 18

AirBridgeCargo 747-8F line 1551 on the flightline.

KC-46A 17-46026 at the Everett Modification Center.

KC-46A 17-46035 B1 flight.

KC-46A 17-46033 test flight.

EVA Air 787-9 line 801 on the flightline.

Ethiopian Airlines 737 line 7230 B1 flight from Renton.

Japan Airlines 787-9 line 799 initial APU run at the fuel dock.

ANA 777 JA793A/N5022E B1 flight on December 20.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Paine Field December 12

VH033 KC-46A 17-46033 test flight.

P-8A 168852 touch and go.

ZB664 Korean Air 787-9 HL7209 taxi test.

China Eastern 737 B-207X test flight from Boeing Field.

ZB990 El Al Airlines 787-9 line 794 N1015X B1 flight.

Southwest Airlines 737 N458WN ferry flight from Aviation Technical Services to KLAS.

Air Tahiti Nui 787-9 line 796 initial APU run at the fuel dock.

Westjet 787-9 C-GUDH on the flightline.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Paine Field December 6

ANA Cargo 777F JA771F/N949BA ferry flight to Victorville.

ZB936 China Southern Airlines 787-9 B-1168 test flight.

El Al Airlines 787-9 line 794 initial APU run.

ZB993 Royal Air Maroc 787-9 CN-RAM test flight.

WF224 EVA Air Cargo 777F B-16785 first flight.

An-124 RA-82078.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Paine Field November 16

ZB836 Norwegian Air UK 787-9 G-CKWP at the compass rose.

VT619 FedEx 767 N169FE customer flight.

WE768 United Airlines 777 N2748U test flight.

Oman Air 787-9 A4O-SH on the flightline.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines 787-8 S2-AJT on the flightline.

WF247 Ethiopian Cargo 777F ET-AVT/N5511V taxi test.

Royal Air Maroc 787-9 line 783 on the flightline.

A car went off SR-526 and landed on the 40-24 apron. Boeing Fire and Security arrived at 12:30 A.M. November 17. Audio here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Paine Field November 7

UPS 747-8F N613UP at the Delivery Center.

An-124 RA-82078 at Kilo North.

China United Airlines 737 B-1147 test flight to Boeing field.

KC-46A line 1156 17-46037 at the Everett Modification Center.

WE689 Emirates 777 A6-EQP/N50281 certification flight test of the Rockwell Collins GLU-2100 Multi-Mode Receiver.

WF246 Ethiopian Cargo 777F ET-AVQ customer flight.

Gulf Air 787-9 A9C-FD delivery flight to OBBI. Photo by Royal S King.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Paine Field October 31

Neos 787-9 EI-NEU delivery flight.

Emirates 777 A6-EQP certification flight of the Rockwell Collins Multi-Mode Receiver.

Gulf Air 787-9 A9C-FD test flight.

Oman Air 787-9 A4O-SG delivery flight.

Ethiopian Cargo 777F ET-AVQ back from the Portland paint hangar.

ANA Cargo 777F JA771F at the fuel dock.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Paine Field October 24

Neos 787-9 EI-NEU B2 flight.

Oman Air 787-9 A4O-SG test flight.

Air China 737 B-206T test flight from Boeing Field.

Gulf Air 787-9 A9C-FD B1 flight.

China Southern Airlines 787-9 line 776 initial APU run at the fuel dock.

Norwegian 787-9 G-CKWP on the flightline.

EA-18G 168257 touch and go.

Emirates 777 A6-EQP engineering flight.