Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paine Field March 3

WD814 Cathay Pacific B-KPS ready to depart on a B1 flight to Grant County Airport.

ZA177 Japan Airlines JA822J off Paine Field on a 30 minute flight. The 787 was on the runway again in the afternoon ready to depart on a ferry flight to KSKF Lackland AFB but was taxied back to the Boeing ramp where it still sits this evening.

N438UP stops on Taxiway Alpha as JA822J exits the runway at Alpha 6. UPS9541 has just left ATS Hangar 3 and will depart on 16R for Reno.

UPS N438UP. This may be the last 757 seen at ATS Hangar 3 for a while, Boeing has leased the entire hangar for 787 work.

WE134 Turkish Airlines TC-JJM first flight.

YR236 Norwegian Air Shuttle LN-DYM touch and go.

N6009F off for a 90 minute flight over the Olympic Peninsula with T-33 N109X. Planned landing time was delayed about 30 minutes while the 747-8F circled north of the field waiting for a thunder cell to pass by.

RC523 exits the runway and heads back to the Boeing ramp.

YQ243 Pegasus Airlines TC-AEP touch and go.

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