Monday, March 14, 2011

Paine Field March 14

WE053 Air New Zealand ZK-OKO completes a high speed taxi after returning from a B1 flight.

WD885 Qatar Airways A7-BAN does a high speed taxi before a B1 flight.

A7-BAN begins a high speed taxi after returning from first flight.

BOEING 503 to CYFB Iqaluit Airport. Scheduled to return on Wednesday.

VHF and HF radio checks were conducted on RC001 747-8I N6067E this afternoon. Maybe being pre-flighted for a taxi test on Tuesday.

WE134 Turkish Airlines 777 TC-JJM arrived from the Portland paint hangar at 0201z.


  1. Enjoy your blog...

    Any idea why BOE503 (B748F) headed for CYFB today?

    YYC Dispatcher

  2. I wasn't at that meeting but it's supposed to be back on Wednesday.

  3. Great lighting on the 747-8f shots really like the first of the 3.


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