Sunday, March 20, 2011

747-8I First Flight

BOEING 008 747-8I N6067E first flight. The 747 and chase T-33s N109X and N416X went to Tatoosh then turned east toward Mount Baker for photos. The T-33s landed at Moses Lake while N6067E continued to the North Training Area. Listen to the flight test communications here

In the afternoon N6067E headed west from the North Training Area and was joined by N109X for more photos near Mount Baker, at 2:00 PM the 747 conducted the last test condition, 818 alternate gear extend before heading south for recovery at Boeing Field.

"For the first time in the history of this 747-8 Intercontinental we are requesting the runway and the takeoff clearance."

Paul Stemer-Flight Test Pilot BOEING 008 Heavy Experimental


  1. I just spotted the orange beastie flying low over my house with the photog plane. Very quiet. The new paint livery looks great in flight. Can't wait to fly in one.
    Still the 'Queen of the Sky.'

  2. First place to come for the footage and photos!
    Thanks Matt.

  3. Thanks much for keeping us all updated on the progress.
    Your pictures and videos are always first rate along with the information provided.


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