Friday, March 11, 2011

Paine Field March 11

ANA 787 JA811A is moved from the 45-03 paint hangar to stall 105.

Boeing flightline. The Korean Air Cargo 747-8F HL7609 now has engines.

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  1. Boeing have had too many Trent 1000 engine change-outs during the flt test program. This engine is proving that is does not have the reliability of the GEnx.

    Trent1000 - engine surge at idle/engine change.
    Trent1000 - four engines with cracked compressor blades resulting in four engine changes.
    Trent1000 - massive uncontained engine failure in the test cell and destroying the test cell. There are most likely many more Trent problems that I am unaware of but hopefully will be revealed in time.

    Now why would an airline risk going with this unreliable and immature RR engine risking the probability of gouunding it's entire 787 fleet like Qantas experienced with their A380 RR groundings costing millions of dollars?


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