Monday, March 3, 2014

Paine Field March 3

ZA655 Kenya Airways 5Y-KZA was scheduled for a B1 flight today, there was a taxi test only.

WE219 Biman Bangladesh S2-AHN departing on a B1 flight, will be ferried to KARA on Tuesday for painting.


Ethiopian Airlines 787 line 167 was moved out of the 40-24 to position E8 on the EMC apron tonight. Air Canada line 170 is behind the Ethiopian.


  1. Hi Matt. Your blog is always a good place to check in for news about the doings at KPAE. With a half-chuckle, I must note and ask about something: One of the most common phrases used in your site's captions is something like, "...scheduled for a B1 flight, but taxi tests only..." Surely, Boeing does not have that may airplanes rolling out the front door with problems sufficient to prevent flight. Is this B1-to-Taxi Test Only a routine thing, or do the engineering test pilots really discover conditions that prevent flight. If you know, what is the story? Thanks.

  2. On a first flight the ceiling has to be at least 1500 feet, sometimes it is lower than that all day so the flight crew does a taxi test and waits for better weather. In the winter they might wait all day.


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