Sunday, March 2, 2014

Paine Field March 2

RC642 Silk Way Airlines N807BA departing on a B1 flight. Interesting that it has a Boeing registration and flew before 4K-SW881 which appears to be being prepared for storage.

Silk Way Airlines 4K-SW881 on the flightline.

Turkmenistan Airlines EZ-A778 in stall 209.

N770BA in stall 119. Photo by Lee A. Karas.

Air China Cargo 777F B-2097 was moved out of the 40-23 to the fuel dock tonight.

WE426 EVA Air 777 line 1189 B-16718 was moved from the 40-25 to the 40-23, Aeroflot line 1190 is next on the line.

The last three 777s for EVA were parked at Paine Field for a long time, in 2010 B-16715, B-16716, and B-16717 were stored near the tower.

ZA655 Kenya Airways 787 5Y-KZA is scheduled for a B1 flight on Monday. Photo by Lee A Karas.


  1. Someone pls tell me where is biman Bangladesh airlines S2-AHN at the moment...??? Pls show some photos! 4th Boeing 777-300ER

  2. I note your comment about a foreign customer's airplane displaying a "Boeing Registration." Obviously, the rules governing aircraft registry are complicated and made more so by some export laws. When I see an "N" number pasted to the side of an airframe destined for a non-U.S. customer, i.e. "Boeing Registration," I just think of the Dealer License plates that most states issue to new and used car dealers. The car - or airplane - has to be legitimately registered somewhere and this accomplishes proper registration. Just as with automobiles, Boeing probably pays a substantial premium to insure these aircraft for liability of all kinds, but it is a necessary cost of doing business. I wonder about the size of the client-paid 'deductable,' that Boeing pays for their basic collision coverage. Building large airplanes can be a profitable business, if the framer gets it right. The engineering and development costs, let alone the general business overhead are staggeringly huge numbers, often beyond my ability to comprehend. I'm glad that we still have Boeing and that we've yet given the market to those pate eating, wine-swilling folks in France. Boeing still builds airplanes for pilots, not systems operators. Humph!

    1. When I see an N registration on a non-US aircraft it usually means it will end up parked in the desert.


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