Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Paine Field March 26

Hainan Airlines 787 B-2739 was moved out of the 45-04 paint hangar to the Everett Modification Center apron this afternoon.

Hainan 787 B-2738 is in the background on the flightline.

Jetstar Airways 787 line 175 went in the 45-04 paint hangar tonight.

Air Canada 787 line 174 was moved from the EMC to the 45-03 paint hangar.

Air Canada C-GHPT at the EMC after being moved out of the 45-03 paint hangar tonight.

48 section for 787 line 191 moved inside the 40-24.

WE169 Air China 777 line 1196 B-2047 ready to roll out of the 40-25 to the 40-23. Kenya Airways line 1197 is next.

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