Saturday, November 3, 2012

Paine Field November 3

China Southern Airlines B-2725, B-2727 and Hainan Airlines B-2728 being prepared for storage at the Paine Field south ramp.

ZA261 Ethiopian Airlines ET-AOP off at 1835z for Grant County Airport.

Back at 1921z, apparently they didn't make it to Moses Lake.

9K-GAA was flown to Vancouver this morning. Photo by Bill Campbell.

A flight crew was on United Airlines N26902 for a B1 today, the flight was canceled in the afternoon.

Boeing flightline.


  1. Does parking the Chinese 787's mean that Boeing has gone the last mile with the Chinese government? Since the government has not certified the 787, I wonder what that means to ANA starting service to China. Maybe it all means is the World will just have to wait on "Big Brother".

  2. Nice Pix, as always. Sad to see 3X Hainan 787s headed for storage. Presume this is pending EMC rework needs, though they are ~fresh from the line... At least they have engines hung and not concrete blocks. Any idea when they might be 'finished' and delivered?

  3. I Visited Paine on the 1st October from the UK and have been on this site many times since.I have been trying to identify the 787s parked on the right of your flightline photo. I know that they have been there for some time but if you could le me know the line numbers I would be very pleased. From left to right from the RAM aircraft the ANA,White tail, ANA,Air India,China Southern (No36?) and Air India.Love the site. Any help would be great. Thanks Mike


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