Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paine Field July 5

Fatigue test 787 at the 40-41 engineering test facility.

The fatigue test 787 was moved out of the factory January 30, 2010 and then to the test rig on January 31.

Photo by Russell Hill.

Old test articles in the boneyard east of the 40-41.


  1. Bardzo ciekawy wpis! Pozdrawiam z Warszawy. Uwielbiam Twojego bloga.

  2. I'm a little surprised nobody has posted asking about those frames in the boneyard... So I'll be the first...

    The one I recognize is the silver 747 nose... I seem to recall that was a mockup for the 747-400F maybe? Or maybe the ER? I've seen a closeup of it before years ago... Just that nose, just like that... Didn't realize it was still around.

    Looks like some old school United stripes laying around too... And an Air Canada tail. Anyone know what line numbers some of these might be?

  3. This is b787 LOT Polish Airlines?


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