Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Paine Field July 3

Azerbaijan Cargo 4K-SW880 was moved from the paint hangar to the fuel dock this morning.

787 line 49 was moved to the 45-04, weighed, then moved back to the flightline. First flight should be next week after the runway opens Monday morning.

787 line 52 was moved from Kilo North to stall 107.

Boeing flightline. 747-8i N6067U has been moved from the south ramp back to the flightline.


  1. Matt,
    Any news on the 787 aircraft Line 66, or 67 - regarding the amount of work remaining before first flight? I remember you saying about 300 items remained after being rolled-out of final assembly. Thanks!
    Jim W

  2. I don't think that an earlier note got through. Why is a runway at KPAE shut down? With BOeing using another as a parking lot, does this close the entire airport for 4-5 days? What's the story? Thanks. Sorry, but blogspot is not confirming my sends tiday. It happens. -C.


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