Saturday, July 28, 2012

Paine Field July 28

I will be working on another job next week to make the mortgage payment, should be back at the airport by August 6. For uninterrupted service please consider supporting the Paine Field blog here.

Flightline photos by Lee A. Karas.

Ethiopian Airlines ET-AOQ.

Lufthansa D-ABYD.

LAN Airlines CC-BBA.

United Airlines N20904.

Boeing flightline. Engines were run on LAN 787 CC-BBA this morning.

JA803A on the flightline.

From the Charleston Post and Courier: "Debris from a brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner's engine fell onto the runway and into the grass at Charleston International Airport Saturday afternoon, sparking a fire, shutting down the airport and diverting flights for more than an hour."

ZA238 on the Charleston flightline. Photo by Lee A. Karas.

Cathay Pacific Cargo 747-8F at the compass rose this afternoon.


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  2. Really? Support your ass to sit at paine field all day and so you can watch airplanes and document all their movements, no thank you, how about getting a real job that pays real money?

    friend across the pond in the uk

    1. That's pretty uncalled for. Do you know his whole story?

  3. Thanks for sharing these precious information!!

    Does the Boeing facility at KPAE closes on weekends??

    How many frequent are the test Flights??... They happens daily, including weekends??

    I'm planning a visit this month and i'd like visit whenever is better.

  4. And the TAM's Boeing 777 (PT-MUE)!!, no more photos at the flight tests ???

  5. Man the 787 is an amazing looking aircraft!!! So pretty!

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