Thursday, September 1, 2011

ANA 787 JA801A First Flight

ANA 787 JA801A comes out of the north gate and does a high speed taxi before first flight.

JA801A returning to Paine Field by Nick Dean.

787 AMTs on the flightline wait for JA801A to take the runway.


  1. Hello, any idea why he cycled the landing gear immediately after take off? Thanks, Peter

  2. They cycled the gear as a standard procedure done during the first flight. With the first flight of the 787 the pilots elected to keep the gear down and wait later for the cycle test as a safety precaution. There was a follow up flight of another on of the 787, i think, that did the cycling later in the test flight and had a problem with the landing gear. They manually lowered the gear I believe, then made an emergency landing at Boeing field.

    After that I have started seeing the remaining first flights do the cycling of the gear right after take off. :)


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