Friday, November 5, 2010

Paine Field November 5

Dreamlifter N747BC left Paine Field for Nagoya on Wednesday and returned Friday evening with a 787 wingset.

Star Alliance MegaDo 2 participants deplane from N57864 at Kilo North.

A planned flyby was canceled due to poor visibility.

The red carpet entry stands are moved into position.


  1. Shame about the weather, but I heard Boeing put on a great show for the psrticipants. With the possible exception of last year's event, there probably have never been so many frequent flier miles in a single aircraft ... ;-)

    Great pics, Matt!

  2. Matt, thanks for the pics and audio. I will post cabin view of that landing on FL350. We had a great time at Boeing. Still hard to believe we saw basically the whole factory floor (748i, 767, 777 and 787 lines), boarded ZA003, walked in the belly of a Dreamlifter. Amazing...

  3. Thanks for the pics Matt!

    I'm so glad I went on this junket with the FlyerTalkers. The Boeing tour was absolutely the highlight of the ground-based events for me!


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