Friday, November 19, 2010

Paine Field November 19

The wing-to-body overheat problem was resolved on ANA JA64AN and the 737 took off in the afternoon then came back for three approaches before returning to Boeing Field.

Cargolux N5573S returning from Grant County Airport.

Turkish Airlines TC-JJG returning from a test flight.

Flydubai A6-FDL to Glasgow.


  1. What is wing-to-body overheat?
    Just curious.

  2. It's impressive! I'm just one of the many followers of this site. I always check it out. Thanks for sharing the videos. Keep them coming!

  3. That Cargolux touched down and left again on Thursday here in Yakima. I have one picture, taken from about two or three miles away that shows it on my blog, here:

    Took a couple minutes to run back inside for the camera, and by then the good shots were gone and that was all that was left.

  4. A wing-body overheat light indicates a bleed air duct leak. A left side wing-body overheat would indicate a left engine and/or APU bleed duct leak.


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