Saturday, November 27, 2010

787 Update November 27

787 line 23 JA822J is repositioned at ATS Hangar 3 so that engines can be hung this weekend. Note extended ram air turbine above the tractor.

787 41 section is moved from the flightline to the 40-36.

ANA JA804A at the compass rose.

N787BX back in stall 101.


  1. Hopefully ANA replace their problem Trents with GEnx engines to keep their delivery times on schedule.

  2. You mean the Trent 1000.

    I'm waiting for this can of worms (T1000 failure) to hit the 787 delay in a serious way.
    It has been very hush so far but is threatening.

  3. There will be many blown Airliner.nuts head gaskets if this happens!

  4. eh am i missing someting here, has a Trent 1000 flying blown up? i know the 900 had a problem which they have hopefully found the problem and fixed.

    or is this just RR bashing by very stupid people, dont blame the next delay on RR, it was a fire in the P100 dist box, or are you saying that that comes as part of the engine package.

    GET A GRIP, how many PWs have had shutdowns in the last few weeks, and wait until they start flying the GEnx in earnest, do you believe they will be fault free.

    Its getting a little thin on the ground with all you bashing RR, we all (in europe) know most of you hate Airbus and RR because they ALSO produce GREAT planes

    Grow up



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