Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Paine Field July 29

KC-46A 18-46048 at the Everett Modification Center.

WH006 777-9 line 1605 in the 40-24.

WH007 777-9 line 1611 was moved out of the factory to the flightline.

WH003 777-9 N779XY was moved out of the paint hangar on July 26.

ZE225 Turkish Airlines 787-9 line 899 was moved out of the 40-26 to the fuel dock.

RC542 UPS 747-8F line 1555 at the fuel dock.


  1. Is tabulation (variable) number RC542 for L/N 1555 747-8F correct?
    I have RC682 on record.

    Note : RC541 is a

    1. RC682 is an incorrect record


  2. Hi Matt,
    Perhaps an error on the Daily movement chart.

    RC541 has been allocated to L/N 1425 - 747-8HTF, serial number 37132, Guggenheim Aviation Partners (GuAP) NTU, KAL Cargo #1, HL7609

    RC681 has been allocated to L/N 1554, 747-8F, UPS, serial number 64262, N616UP

    Peter Evers


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