Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paine Field April 2

ZA275 LOT Polish Airlines SP-LRF back from a functional check flight.

WD122 Turkmenistan Airlines EZ-A779 returning from a B1 flight.

Air India 787 VT-ANC and Kenya Airways 777 5Y-KZY at the fuel dock this afternoon.

WE377 Kenya Airways 5Y-KZY at the compass rose.

TAAG Angola Airlines 777 line 1198 D2-TEI was moved from the 40-25 to the 40-23 tonight. WE339 Aeroflot line 1199 is next, then WE313 line 1200 for American Airlines should roll out around April 11.

41 section for 787 line 194 was moved from the Dreamlifter Operations Center to the factory on April 1.

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