Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Paine Field April 22

Air Force One landed at Paine Field this afternoon, President Obama deplaned on the Alpha Taxiway, boarded a VH-3D helicopter and flew to Oso.

SAM44 C-32A 98-0002 arrived about 30 minutes after the VC-25A.

Crowd waits for Air Force One to land.

The other VC-25A, 82-8000, was at Paine Field in May 2007 for an extended stay in the paint hangar.

ANA 787 JA829A on the flightline.

Norwegian 787 EI-LNF at the compass rose.

ZA610 Air Canada C-GHPQ departed on a B1 flight today but turned back to the airport seven minutes into the flight.

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