Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Paine Field November 13

ZA327 Jetairfly OO-JDL was scheduled for a B1 flight today but there was a taxi test only.

ZA650 Norwegian EI-LNC departing on a functional check flight.

WD994 Philippine Airlines RP-C7772 ready to begin a taxi test.
United Arab Emirates 787 A6-PFC was moved from the 40-26 to the fuel dock tonight.
Line 143 was moved from the 40-24 to the 40-26.
 Air Canada C-FNNU was moved from the 40-23 to the fuel dock.
 787-9 N789ZB on the flightline.
A 787 fuselage section was moved from Kilo North to the factory.

Machinists walk back to the Everett factory after voting on the Boeing contract this morning.

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  1. Great photos of LN141, 143 and 146 789 for ANA. Thanks!


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