Monday, February 4, 2013

Paine Field February 4

AirBridgeCargo VQ-BRH/N769BA was ferried to Marana for storage.

WE332 Aeroflot VP-BGC back from a B1 flight. Will be ferried to Portland for painting on Tuesday.

An Ethiopian Airlines 787 at the fuel dock.

Thomson Airways 787 on the flightline.

LAN Airlines CC-BDM at the tower apron.

VR286 UPS N355UP back from a B1 flight.

* * * *
February 1st flightline photos by Lee A Karas.

Thomson Airways G-TUIA.


  1. Wonder why Airbridge is storing VQ-BRH? If the -8F has better fuel economy, wouldn't it make sense to put this bird in service and store one of the -400F instead?

  2. Airbridge negotiated a delivery delay for RC604, due the present cargo market downturn. The aircraft is still fully owned by Boeing (see registration N769BA) and only part of the payment has to be provided by ABC.

  3. But what happened with LAN CC-BDM? Why it is stored at the tower apron?


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