Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paine Field February 20

American Airlines N720AN delivery flight to KDFW.

787 horizontal stabilizers were unloaded from LCF N249BA this morning.

Cargolux 747-8F LX-VCA was moved off the Boeing flightline to the tower apron today.

A Korean Air Cargo 747-8F was moved out of the factory Tuesday night.

This showed up on Twitter yesterday, supposedly JAL 787 JA829J in Boston.

JA829J in happier times, first flight from Everett on December 7, 2012 just 30 days before the fateful fire at Logan International.

There was an engine run this morning on Japan Airlines JA830J.

A 787 preservation team at Kilo South checks the tire pressure on ANA JA806A. Keesha is anxious to go on her afternoon walk.

From the Seattle Times: "A small team of top machinists at Boeing’s Auburn plant is building high-strength containment boxes for the lithium-ion batteries on the 787 as part of a redesign to get the planes flying again as soon as April."

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