Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Paine Field December 4

ZA510 ANA JA817A returning from a B1 flight. ZA512 JA818A is scheduled for a B1 on Wednesday.

ZA271 LOT Polish Airlines SP-LRB back from a B2 flight.

After returning from a test flight this morning, RC007 N5511V parked at the compass rose and had some tape applied around one of the doors and the 747-8i went out again.

N5511V was parked at the compass rose again after coming back from the second flight and some of the tape was removed before departing on another flight.

YH305 HZ-ATR departing on a functional check flight this morning.

Atlas Air N853GT delivery flight to KCVG.

VQ-BSK will probably be moved from the fuel dock to stall 206 on Wednesday.


  1. Livery on VQ-BSK looks awesome!

    Something about the combination of red and the 747-8 just makes a great combination. The prototype with the sunrise livery, This bird, and even the cargolux planes all seem to pop in all the photos I've seen.

  2. Which operator does that 777 belong to?
    The aircraft behind VQ-BSK and China southern 787!!

  3. In the fuel dock we can see the first 777-300ER for AEROFLOT.
    Для русскоговорящик. В последням фото очётливо виден хвостовой стабилизатор первого 777-300ER для АЭРОФЛОТА.


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