Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paine Field December 12

WE302 American Airlines N718AN ready to takeoff on a test flight.

A4O-HMS taxis to 16R for a delivery flight.

There was a customer walk through on Japan Airlines JA829J this morning. A C1 flight is scheduled for Thursday.

ZA462 Qatar Airways A7-BCK departing on a test flight. A C1 flight is scheduled for Thursday.


  1. did A4O-HMS really have a delivery flight today? nothing came up on flightradar.

  2. I thought so. Seriously though, did you get a flight number or destination or anything?

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  4. Nice pics Matt.. I'll be flying A7BCK out on Dec 20th (maybe).. hope to see you on the side lines.. lol

    Great Blog .. I follow it all the time as does many other Qatar Airways pilots.


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