Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paine Field September 19

Members of the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace enter the 40-25 during a rally this morning at the Boeing Everett factory to protest Boeing's contract offers.

There was an initial engine run this afternoon on Hainan Airlines 787 B-2728.

B-2728 at the fuel dock September 11.

ZA461 Qatar Airways A7-BCB back from a test flight this morning.

There was another flight to Moses Lake this afternoon.

ET-APS delivery flight to EBLG.

ZA264 Ethiopian Airlines ET-AOS taxis to the Boeing ramp after an EWA flight. Scheduled for a ferry flight to San Antonio for painting on Thursday.

Boeing flightline.

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  1. Actually I think ET--AOS is going to be painted in Ft. Worth no San Antonio. Boeing has a contract with an outside vendor there to paint the Charleston produced 787s as well as a few ofthe Everett built aircraft.


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