Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boeing Train

BNSF 2076 and 2361 push some Boeing cars up the hill from Mukilteo to the Everett factory.

A few hours later the Boeing local comes down the hill with some empty containers.

Last June BNSF 2081 was involved in a tanker truck collision at the rail terminal near the factory.

After spotting cars at the Mount Baker Terminal, the crew went home to Bayside Yard in Everett.

Later in the day BNSF 4575 came by with two Boeing 737 fuselages for Renton.

Boeing ruled at Muk today.

Boeing flightline by Russell Hill.


  1. Matt, What's in the massive boxes, the really tall ones and the really wide ones? Any ideas?

  2. The wide containers are wing center sections, the brown boxes have fuselage panels for 747, 767 and 777. I don't know what's in the tall containers but they are shipped from Japan.

  3. Do you know what´s the hump at the end of the fuselage ? It´s not a normal 737, right ?


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