Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Paine Field May 9

ZA506 ANA JA809A/N1015X did a taxi test this morning then went back to the Boeing ramp. The B1 flight will probably be very early tomorrow due to the Presidential TFR that begins at 1815z.

WE253 Air France F-GZNN back from a test flight.

A6-PFA was moved to the compass rose for an engine run.

* * * * *
On May 8 Boeing and Taipei-based EVA Air finalized an order for three 777-300ERs. The order also includes purchase rights for an additional four airplanes.

Two EVA Air 777s parked at the airport inner ramp in December, 2009.

By June 2010 B-16715, B-16716, and B-16717 are stored at the inner ramp.



  1. I wonder how long these EVA 777-300 will
    sit on the field before they take possession.
    (Remembering the last 3 sat for months.)

    1. They must have been delivered already. The pictures are not new, captioned with old dates.

  2. Is the problem with the EVA 777s about financing? Only knowing what I do know, it sounds like it EVA placed the order, but they haven't come up with the rest of the money or hasn't claimed them.

  3. Anyone notice the date on the TFR... 90 years in the future???

  4. The pictures of the two aircraft are from December of 2009.


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