Monday, May 7, 2012

Paine Field May 7

Panalpina 747-8F N850GT on the flightline.

ANA 787 line 56 outside the Everett Modification Center.

RC523 N6009F departing on a functional check flight.

Southwest Airlines N8307K arrived from Boeing Field and went to ATS Hangar 1.

ANA JA810A at the fuel dock.

787 in Bay 3 of the EMC.

ANA 787 in Bay 1 of the EMC.

United Airlines 787 on the flightline.


  1. Looks like 2 ANA 787s have engings mounted. Are they getting close to delivery?

  2. Looks like LN7 in Bay 1 as it has the same black "patches" on its tailfin as the photos from late April when it was where LN56 is today.

    I'd guess that the Bay 3 bird is the first for Qatar with it's grey rudder.


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