Monday, April 30, 2012

Paine Field April 30

The Lufthansa 747-8i delivery is scheduled for Tuesday, May 1. The media event ends at 1:30 pm, D-ABYA will probably be towed to K1 shortly thereafter for engine start, and if the weather forecast is correct with winds from the south, will takeoff on Runway 16R.

D-ABYC and D-ABYA on the flightline today.

D-ABYC at the fuel dock April 24, 2012.

ANA JA809A at the compass rose.

VR283 UPS N352UP first flight.

Boeing flightline.

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  1. Hello, what aircraft is the Silkway one? 75 or 76?

    Any close up picture available ? Much appreciated.



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