Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paine Field April 26

Japan Airlines JA826J delivery flight to Tokyo.

JA827J left for Tokyo about 30 minutes after JA826J.

Three 787s stored at Kilo South. Left to right: line 22, 16 and 13.

787 line 56 is in the EMC Bay 4.

787 line 45 was moved to the fuel dock this morning.

WE239 Cathay Pacific B-KQB back from the Portland paint hangar.

WF060 FedEx N864FD first flight.

* * * *
Looks like the Lufthansa 747-8i delivery ceremony will be on May 1 from 8 AM - 2 PM. D-ABYA will probably leave about 2 PM.


  1. Matt, why would they move a 787 without engines to the fuel dock? Do they gas it uo prior to engine install or are they just pressure testing the fuel system?

  2. Sometimes when a 787 has to be moved from Runway 11-29 several airplanes have to be moved out of the way, usually they are parked on the taxiway. There was a lot of traffic today so the 787 was probably parked at the fuel dock and then moved back to 11-29.

  3. Matt, thanks for the N864FD video.

  4. It's supposed to go to Portland on Friday for painting.

  5. Matt, I notice the codes next to the registrations (ZA117, WE194, YH614, etc.) Are those flight numbers? Do they stay with individual aircraft before delivery or do they change for every flight i.e. first flight, customer flight? How are they announced? Zulu Alfa 117 or Boeing 117?


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