Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paine Field March 6

Emirates AG-EGO ready to depart on a B1 flight.

A6-EGO does an RTO after returning from the B1.

BOE022 Experimental Lufthansa D-ABYA back from a test flight.

ZA177 Japan Airlines JA822J taxis to 34L for takeoff on a test flight.

WF108 Southern Air N714SA departing on a B2 flight.

N714SA returned in the afternoon and did a low approach so that the tower controller could check the main gear doors before landing.

787 line 53 was moved to Kilo 6, the new Dreamliner storage area. An EA-18G blocked the shot, you can't swing a stick around here without hitting a Growler.

ANA JA627A back from a test flight.

Boeing flightline.

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  1. That shot of D-ABYA just makes me giddy! I hope a few more airlines pick up the queen of the skies (United, Delta - I'm talking to you ;-) )


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