Monday, March 12, 2012

Paine Field March 12

AirBridgeCargo VQ-BLR in stall 209.

ZA177 Japan Airlines JA822J departing on an EWA flight.

UPS N349UP B2 flight.
* * * *
ZA179 Japan Airlines 787 JA825J went on a short functional check flight this afternoon, headed back to Paine Field about five minutes after takeoff.

WE237 Cathay Pacific 777 B-KPZ did a taxi test this afternoon, the B1 flight may be canceled due to poor weather. 


  1. I went to the Boeing tour yesterday, and was thinking if i can see you, but you left when i arrived. I saw the bunny though. Keep up the good work, and hopefully next time you will be there when I have another chance to visit the Paine field.

  2. Hi I am an avid follower of this blog... love watching all the pictures posted here...

    I hope everything is alright since this blog hasn't been updated recently... which is very unlikely...

    Hope to see some updates soon...

  3. Same here! Mis your updates and nice pictures!

    Hope you're ok and to see new updates soon!


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