Friday, February 17, 2012

Paine Field February 17

Air Force One arrived at Paine Field this morning, cleared to land at 1837Z. In the afternoon the TFR was extended 30 minutes until helicopter Marine One arrived at Paine Field at 0145Z, Air Force One was cleared for takeoff at 0201Z.

The VC-25 is a regular visitor to Paine Field, Boeing does painting and interior work on the airplane.

28000 May 1, 2007. No titles!

28000 August 28, 2007.

28000 July 2, 2010.

29000 July 7, 2009. A few minutes after the VC-25 took off  N787BA came out for the first ever 787-8 taxi test.


  1. so how come you weren't able to go to the real media event with obama?

  2. It works this way: the credentialed media get invited to the Boeing events on the condition they write favorably about the Company. If I did that you wouldn't know about problems like this:


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