Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paine Field February 14

Japan Airlines JA825J first flight.

JA825J returning from the B1.

Cathay Pacific Cargo B-LJG departing on a photo flight with Wolfe Air Aviation N49WA (on the taxiway).

B-LJG returning from the photo flight.

N416X inbound for a touch and go.

1000th Boeing 777 rolled out of the factory tonight, photo from Royal Scott King.

Lufthansa D-ABYA back from a B2 flight. It was raining of course. They went out again later in the day but came back two hours after sunset.


  1. The pic of the big bird, B-LJG, coming in over the approach lights is fantastic.


  2. Hi Matt,
    I have always been a strong supporter in Boeing and I check your sight all the time. You do a great job photographing the operations at Paine feild. Today was a special day for me because after viewing your sight for the last few years I was finally able to visit the airport. I was flying N49WA. I was wondering if you had any more shots of us arriving or departing. If your interested I will check with the company and see if I can share some stills from our 747-8 shoot with you today. We got some
    Great stuff.


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