Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paine Field December 28

RC602 VQ-BLQ departing on a B2 flight.

787 line 47 was moved from the EMC to the 45-03 paint hangar this morning.

Boeing flightline. ANA 787 JA805A was flown on a C3 flight Tuesday afternoon, technicians were working on the airplane today so it probably hasn't been delivered to ANA yet.

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  1. Matt,

    On the flightline panoramic shot, on the diagonal runway seen on 12-26 (and looking exactly like this), I had VT-ANA, a CO/UA example (ln 45), JA806A ANA (ln 13), but the 2 that are between the ANA and the Atlas 748F, thought these were 47 and 48 (CO/UA and ANA) up to my contact. 47 you have going into the paint bay wearing black tarp so my info is obviously wrong. Any idea on the 2 in the pic? Is the other CO/UA line 50 or another airframe altogether (line 18 possibly?)? Any thoughts appreciated! JSD/Houston, TX


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