Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FW-190 at the Flying Heritage Collection

This Thursday, Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage Collection will become home to the world’s only original flying Focke-Wulf Fw-190. This Fw-190’s engine is the only of its kind to be flown since the late 1950s, and is the sole flying condition Fw-190 to be operated in the world. This installation is the beginning of a number of additional expansions that the collection will see over the next two years.

This week, the plane is being transported to the Collection in several parts via a truck convoy. On Thursday, April 21, the airplane will be reassembled within the hangar facility.

The Fw 190 is a German single-seat, radial engine fighter that was used in a variety of roles during World War II. It was the most advanced radial engine fighter in the world when it first entered combat in 1941. This original Fw 190 is the only one in the world restored to flying condition.

WHERE: Paine Field – 3407 109th Street SW, Everett, Wash. 98204

Free parking is available outside the hangar facility.
For more information visit http://www.flyingheritage.com/ or call (877) FHC-3404.

FW-190A No. 1227 crash landed near Leningrad on July 19, 1943. It was found intact in 1989.

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