Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cathay Pacific 777 Flyby Anniversary

January 30, 2008. After a delivery ceremony at Paine Field, the captain of Cathay Pacific Airlines 777 B-KPF copies clearance to Hong Kong and requests to stay in the pattern for a flyby. After a routine departure to the south, the 777 turns north, then south for an approach on 16R. This was no ordinary flyby, the daredevil pilot buzzed the tower 50 off the deck with the gear up. The crowd cheered, airport officials leered, but everyone at Paine Field remembers this delivery flight.


  1. Why was the pilot of this Cathay Pacific 777 fired? He probably should have used his landing gear when he was that low, but was anyone hurt or anything damaged? Good skills that pilot has!

  2. That pilot definitely loves flying. It's a shame that he got fired for loving his job and being skilled at it.

    I imagine that he got picked up somewhere else fairly quickly.

  3. come to think of it after 2 years. It's not the best stunt you should do with bunch of airline executives (and loyal passenger, reported in other forum some Marco Polo Club Diamond Members are invited for taking deliveries)

  4. If I remember correctly he was retiring after that flight anyway.


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