Friday, July 9, 2010

Paine Field July 9

WC223 Continental Airlines N76021 has just completed a high speed taxi and moves to 16R for takeoff.

HUSKY 32 62nd Airlift Wing C-17A 00-0185 touch and go.

YH072 N1786B touch and go on the way to Boeing Field.

VR272 UPS N341UP returning from a test flight.

Dreamliner Six, N787ZA, is still in the 40-24 behind a Qatar Airways 777.

British Airways G-STBA departed on a delivery flight at 0011z.

G-STBA landing at Cardiff.


  1. nice video. pity about the noob with the lawn mower. drowned out the beautiful sound of the 777.

  2. Looking forward to playing with it when it gets to LHR...


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