Thursday, July 22, 2010

747-8F Update


747-8F BOEING 503 N5573S has just received clearance from Paine Field to Grant County Airport.

Off Paine Field at 0115z.

Exclusive photo from Nick Dean

At 0414z BOEING 503 recovered at Paine Field, then did a high speed RTO on 34L before returning to the Boeing ramp. Unusual for a B-1 flight to return after sunset. Flightaware landing time is incorrect, the tower closed at 0400z and flight crew may not have closed flightplan with Seattle Center or Seattle FSS.


  1. So the FF was July 22nd then?

  2. Any idea when it will be flying again? Would like to head up there to see it

  3. I logged him departing about 6.17pm and arriving back about 9.08pm on my SBS box.

  4. Now you know how to adjust your SBS box time.

  5. It will fly on Sunday and Monday.


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