Friday, December 11, 2009

787 Update December 11

A static pressure cone has just been attached to the tail of N787BA. Taxi tests will begin early Saturday and continue until dark.

Boeing is advertising a first flight window beginning Tuesday, December 15. The Dreamliner One B1 flight will require VFR conditions during the estimated 5 hour endurance before N787BA recovers at Boeing Field in Seattle. The notorious Pineapple Express weather system is expected to arrive Tuesday, bringing heavy rain to western Washington. Rain is predicted daily until December 20.


  1. What is a static pressure cone? Keep up good work, enjoy your pictures and video.

  2. It is a air pressure system that is attached to the aircraft, usually to the tail, as a means to calibrate the aircrafts pitot-static system(altitude reporting). This means they are nearing flight test.

  3. Oh Boy, I can't wait!!

  4. Rumor has it Tuesday will be the day, weather permitting.

  5. Has there been any taxiing of 787BA today? Also, you heard anything about a/c 2? When is it coming back to the flightline?

    Matt you are THE MAN!!!! Everytime I come to your site I feel like I'm on site. You have made my 2009 so much better!!! Thanks.



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