Thursday, June 8, 2023

Paine Field June 8

VH079 KC-46A 20-46079 at the compass rose for a maintenance engine run, B-3 flight scheduled for June 13.
VH081 KC-46A 20-46081 departed on a functional check flight, center wing tank repair completed and scheduled for a flight to the Military Delivery Center at Boeing Field June 19.
1C207 Qatar Airways 737 A7-BSI departed on a functional check flight, delivery flight scheduled for June 15.
ZB952 Qatar Airways 787-9 line 1119 was moved out of the factory June 5, will undergo join verification traveled work and the horizontal stabilizer fitting repair on the flightline, then a functional check flight at the end of July.
WH003 777-9 N779XY departed Boeing Field for autoland testing.

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