Friday, May 5, 2023

Paine Field May 5

ZD025 American Airlines 787-8 N882BL customer flight.
1B153 American Airlines 737 line 8579 was ferried from Boeing Field this morning, goes to the factory May 8 for STA 1016 fitting NOE rework. WF357 China Southern Cargo 777F B-223N is in stall 207, there was an initial engine run this afternoon.
ZE481 787-9 line 992 for Lufthansa was ferried from Victorville, goes to the factory May 10 for NOE rework.
ZE235 Turkish Airlines TC-LLR was moved out of final paint May 4, delivery flight scheduled for June 15.
ZE007 ANA 787-9 JA924A was ferried from Victorville May 4, goes to the factory for NOE rework June 11.

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