Friday, October 29, 2021

Paine Field October 29

China Southern Airlines 777 B-20E7 ferry flight from Victorville. Moves to the paint hangar this weekend for repaint.
ZB950 Qatar Airways 787-9 line 1093 functional check flight.
China Eastern Airlines 787-9 B-20EG at Kilo North.
FedEx 767 N199FE B1 flight.
On the 40-51 apron: VH074 KC-46A line 1259, VT731 China Central Longhao Airlines 767 line 1258.
RC021 747-8i line 1435 is scheduled for a delivery flight November 2.
777-9 N779XZ departed on a smoke penetration flight test.
777-9 N779XX will be ferried to Fort Myers, FL on November 1 for flight testing.

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