Monday, December 14, 2020

Paine Field December 14


UPS 747-8F N625UP delivery flight to Louisville.
Thai Airways 777 HS-TTA at the fuel dock. WE867 line 1687 is scheduled to be moved out of the factory tonight.
UPS 767 N374UP taxi checks only today.
Turkish Airlines 787-9 TC-LLP was at the compass rose for a maintenance engine run.
Southwest Airlines 737 N8739L touch and go on a flight from Boeing Field.
Southwest Airlines 737 N8736J landed and was parked on the flightline.
American Airlines 737 N3265J touch and go on a B1 flight from Renton.
JASDF KC-46A 14-3611 is scheduled to be moved from the Everett Modification Center to the fuel dock on December 15.

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