Monday, April 20, 2020

Paine Field April 20

ANA 787-9 line 1003 was moved from the fuel dock to the Everett Modification Center paint hangar.

Normally the 787 wings are moved from the Dreamlifter Operations Center to the factory, today this wingset came out of the 40-36 and was set on the racks of the 7-336 building.

A few of the dozens of Southwest Airlines 737s parked around Paine Field waiting for better times.

Turkish Airlines 787-9 line 1001 was moved to the 45-03 paint hangar this evening.

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  1. Great blog! Thanks for the info. Reminds me of the old Boeing Test Flights blog that was cancelled in November 2018. I live near Paine Field, so this is absolutely fantastic for me! Thanks so much.


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