Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Paine Field November 20

Today there was an initial engine run on United Airlines 777 N2749U. 777-9 WH001 is on the right.

KC-46A line 1129 17-46024 at the Everett Modification Center.

767-2C line 1100 at the EMC.

An-124 RA-82043 departure to KMFR.

LCF N747BC departure to Nagoya.

Japan Airlines 787-9 line 945 N1009N was scheduled for a B1 flight today, there was a taxi test only.

777-9 WH001 scheduled for trailing edge drainage verification testing on November 21.

VH016 KC-46A 16-46016 departed Boeing Field on a flight acceptance test today.

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