Friday, June 5, 2015

Paine Field June 5

American Airlines 787-8 line 320 was rolled out of the 40-24 to the 40-51 apron tonight.

ZA823 American Airlines 787-8 N806AA is scheduled for a B1 flight on Saturday, there was a taxi test this afternoon.

Vietnam Airlines 787-9 VN-A862 out of the 45-04 paint hangar.

PrivatAir 787-8 HB-JJJ was moved from the EMC to the flightline tonight.

HB-JJJ was rolled out of the factory on May 26.

RC673 747-8F line 1520 was moved from stall 206 to F-5 at the fuel dock.

N461FT was fueled at 10:00 AM, technicians were still working on the tanker at sundown.

United Airlines 787-9 line 324 in the 40-24.

WF026 China Southern Cargo 777F B-2027 C1 customer flight. Video by OwnsGermany.

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